Bedlam at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airdrome Once Family are Packs loaded, Shell

U.S. tourist family wreaks havoc at Israeli airport with souvenir shells An American family tried to smuggle unexploded ordnance through airport security on Thursday.

Bedlam at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airdrome Once Family Packs loaded Shell

Causing havoc at Israel's Ben Gurion airport. A video posted on social media showed panicked passengers missing Thursday in the departure hall of Israel's main airport near Tel Aviv. U.S. tourist family carrying souvenir shells to Israeli airport, pushing a scare bomb at Israel's Ben Gurion airport sparked panic at Israel's Ben Gurion airport after an American family showed up with souvenir shells. An American family recently caused panic when packing dangerous goods at Israel's main airport.    

According to authorities, one American family took it as a memento of the trip and planned to take it with them on the way home. When they showed it to security personnel while checking their bags, officials immediately called for an evacuation from the area, The Jewish Press reported. A family of American hikers told officers that one of their children found unexploded ordnance while they were visiting the Syrian Golan Heights, which was occupied by Israel in 1967.   

JERUSALEM. A family of American tourists provoked a pandemonium at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport on Thursday when they tried to get through security with an unexploded bullet they found on a tour of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Tourists found the projectile while traveling to the Golan Heights, the Israeli airport authorities explained in a press release. The airport authorities said security officials raised an emergency alert and ordered the area to be evacuated when an artillery shell was found. 

The security forces checked the unexploded ordnance and found it to be inactive, but by that time people had already taken cover or left the terminal. An American family showed up at the check-in counter at Ben Gurion Airport with unexploded ordnance and showed it to security officials, who announced to the hundreds of travelers in attendance that they must leave the terminal immediately. There was no explosion, but a 32-year-old man was hospitalized with injuries when he tried to run along a baggage conveyor belt, the Israeli airport authority said.


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